Being with you as you grow


Herdship /həːdʃɪp/ noun

The movement of being a member of a herd, helping the herd prosper through a combination of being, leading and following based on a few hard rules
The state or position of being a herd member
For people in a community/organisation – the movement of being a member of that community and being and moving like a herd member, supporting the purpose of the community/organisation through a combination of being, leading and following based on a few hard rules
The state or position of being as a herd member would be


"We cannot change anything unless we accept it"

Carl Jung



Being with you as you grow


Organisational development

Showing the system as it unfolds

Organisations are continually changing too, yet often we are trying to disturb the system without seeing what is already there, we try and build stability without honouring the stability we have. In my organisational development work we start with what is and what wants to emerge from there. Allowing the energy to flow


Being with you as you change

We are continually changing in life and in our roles in organisations, yet we don't always know that we are changing. As your coach I witness both how you are now and how you are changing. I help you explore where you are going and where you would love to go and how to make sure these are connected.


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Sytske Casimir

As a consultant and coach my expertise is in leadership development that systemically impacts the organisation and in organisational development that grows systemic leaders. Clients say that I co-creates spaces where people can

show up fully, find what they don’t know they know and (re)discover what inspires them. Spaces where people can feel, think and listen to their own voice and the field around them, making meaning of patterns which may so far have been unconscious. Through my way of reframing what has been in front of their eyes all along, clients may notice what they had not paid attention to before. 

I have worked in and with, predominantly, large international organisations (e.g. Shell and ABB) on leadership development and change. I love working with people in organisations to discover their power and capability to make a difference, how small, well timed and rightly placed interventions can make a significant impact.

I am also a horsewoman, photographer and poet. I breed Icelandic horses which grow up on the land around me, capturing their movement as a herd in my “herdtography”. 


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